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Suggested topics of discussion from MA'S DICTIONARY

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European and American locales featured in the book.  See list of chapter titles

Emigration / Immigration / Expatriation.  pp. 196-201

Day labor / blue collar / white collar / professional employment.  pp. 94-95; ch. 16 &17

Archaic European peasant cultures. ch. 6

Daily life under communism, Czecho-Slovakia. pp.260-261

The upstairs/downstairs world of haute bourgeoisie and live-in domestics. ch. 10 & 11

Autobiographical writing.  pp. 34-35; 

The story of the book's French and English manuscripts. (unpublished)

Rural one-room schoolhouse experience.  ch. 5 & 8

Boarding school.  ch. 9

American school daze.  ch. 13

Campus Confidential.  ch. 20 & 22

Alcohol.  ch. 7

The Sixties in America; and the heady "pre-9-11 security" days of air travel. ch. 19

Psychotherapy.  ch. 21

Family dislocation. ch. 4

Delinquency.  ch.15

Mutations in modes of living.  pp. 77; 115-116

The Military. ch. 18

Nursing Homes. ch. 3

Culinary considerations. ch. 11

Idiosyncrasies of the English language. ch. 1

Ethnic identity. ch. 2     Race Relations. ch. 22

Impact of childhood events on adult life / Jean-Jacques Rousseau. ch. 8

Small business: The 22nd Street Linoleum and Dinette store, ch. 14

Duke Ellington at Fort Dix.  pp. 276-281

Etc. ...